Scan Me!

Technology has literally taken over our world by connecting virtually everyone and everything with different devices and applications. A semi-new form of technology that we discussed in class this week is a QR code. These crafty little designs of “squares” show up constantly…whether it’s the barcode being scanned while you purchase your weekly groceries, or a code that looks similar to the one below found on a page of your favorite cooking magazine that will take you to a recipe’s website. If you have a smartphone and have installed a “scanner” app, then you’re going to love this. Just scan the QR code below and you will be directed to one of my favorite foodie websites…appropriately named “foodgawker.” You literally gawk…at food…delicious food. And, you know, search for recipes and food blogs along the way. Hope this works!


(Link to QR Code just incase)


Friday Favorites

Happy Friday everyone! Lets see what favorites have been cooked up this week…

Favorite Creative Idea: How to bake a heart inside a cupcake!



Recipe Via Made With Love

Favorite Homemade Candy…because everything’s better homemade:



Recipe Via Daydream Kitchen

Favorite No Bake Treat:


Recipe Via CenterCutCook

Favorite Take Out @ Home:


Recipe Via SkinnyMom



Friday Favorites

Can’t believe another week has gone by…figured I give a little favoritism to my favorite day of the week.

Favorite Recipe (perfect for people who eat all the cookie dough before baking the cookies…cough cough…me):


Recipe via


Favorite Festive Idea:



Favorite “Food Art”:



Favorite Cooking Helper:



Favorite Copy Cat Recipe:

Recipe via



Wise Wednesdays

If there’s one fact all of my food blog followers should know about me, it’s the fact that my ABSOLUTE favorite food in the entire world is chocolate chip cookies. It is the one the I can eat every day for the rest of my life and never get sick of (trust me, I don’t think I’ve gone more than 3 days in a row without eating one). I actually have some sitting aside in the kitchen for dessert later…already can’t wait to indulge.

Since I’m such a chocolate chip cookie fanatic, I’m extremely picky with the way I believe they should be (taste, texture, temperature, look, etc). I have tried several different cookie recipes (my favorite yet is one by “Crisco”), but I’m still eager to find what makes the BEST chocolate chip cookie. My ideal cookie is on the larger side (where having one is JUST enough…but you can’t help but have two), a gooey chewy center with slightly crisp edges, and a perfect amount of chocolate chips. Through cookie recipe searching online, I found an article that gives great tips towards making a perfect chocolate chip cookie. So here are some words of the wise for cooking baking:

  1. Butter should be at room temperature (cool)
  2. Cream the butter itself first, then add in the sugars
  3. Find the perfect ratio between brown sugar and white sugar to use (more brown sugar means softer and chewier)
  4. Add eggs one at a time rather than all at once
  5. Refrigerate the dough AT LEAST an hour prior to baking (helps the cookies set and bake better)

Following these tips and other sound baking methods should prove to provide the best and chewiest chocolate chip cookie…I’ll have to give it a try!

To read the full article click here!