*This header was borrowed and remixed images from http://www.themissionsd.com, jennykatz.wordpress.com, and deliciousla.blogspot.com.*

I can’t help but notice the latest trend that seems to be emerging…being a “foodie.” Social media now a days is saturated with pictures and posts of food. When did food become so popular? Hasn’t it always been an essential to our lives? I write this as I sit here eating some delicious creation my sister baked for me that she found off of the internet…a combination of a chocolate chip cookie, Oreos, and brownies. (It really doesn’t get much better than this…trust me). Anyways, I thought about it, and well, I really do love food. I’m not too picky about my food and I’m pretty much up for trying anything. So I decided I’d use this blog to follow me through my adventures with food…a foodventure?


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