Sharing Is Caring.

Helloooo Blogging World!

I’d like to congratulate myself and the rest of my Strategic Presentation class on creating our blogs and maintaining them for about a month now…it’s actually not as easy keeping up with a blog as you may think. Starting our blog was one thing, but now what’s the next step? Having people actually want to visit and follow our blogs would be nice. Since we started this blogging adventure as a class assignment, our blogs are just one in a million in the blogging world. The good news is, we can all help each other gain some followers…hopefully some outside bloggers that are interested in what we have to say.

Electronic collaboration and sharing is key as we try and promote our blogs. I’m sure that the majority of us have Twitter accounts which allows for endless sharing to the Twitter universe. If you have any interest in my blog, or even think some of you Twitter followers may…help me out! You can tweet something about food (which literally everyone loves to read about on social media now a days) and mention my blog in the tweet. You can even use tags such as #food #yummy #recipes #cooking…anything along those lines that would connect other bloggers right here to my blog. I have created tags of my own on my posts, as well as categories for my posts, which will hopefully help when trying to reach out to my follower base.

There are also other Internet platforms that encourage sharing such as Facebook, Instagram, even several Google platforms. Give sharing my blog a try and lets see if I can get a substantial following base (you know, more than about 5 readers that are just my classmates). Good luck with your blogs as well!


6 thoughts on “Sharing Is Caring.

  1. Hello! I think Twitter is a great way to get your blogs name out there. The tags are great, and because your blog is a food blog, it may be cool to even tweet your blog at famous FoodNetwork people like Rachel Ray or Guy Fieri. It would be a slim chance that they retweet your blog, but maybe the people that follow them will also be able to see your blog! Or who knows, if you tweet at them enough, you could get famous!

  2. I, too, think using Twitter to promote a blog is a great way to spread the word. The hashtags definitely connect to your blog, but maybe think of one that’s more specific to your blog so it won’t get jumbled or mixed in with something else in the Twitterverse.

  3. With a blog focused heavily on food, you may want to see what other forms of social media, that cater specifically to food (pun intended), may help to get your blog out there. If anything commenting on food websites, and saying check out my blog! may be helpful. Just a suggestion!

  4. Twitter is an awesome way to promote your blog. Hashtagging words can lead users right to your blog. Also, I like how you mentioned using other social media sites like Instagram. On Instagram you can also use hashtags to direct users right to your blog.

  5. I’m not on Twitter so I can’t speak for its efficacy, but have you considered tumblr. for promoting? Seems like I get a loooot of foodstuffs on my dash even though I don’t follow any food-based blogs…

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