Friday Favorites

Can’t believe another week has gone by…figured I give a little favoritism to my favorite day of the week.

Favorite Recipe (perfect for people who eat all the cookie dough before baking the cookies…cough cough…me):


Recipe via


Favorite Festive Idea:



Favorite “Food Art”:



Favorite Cooking Helper:



Favorite Copy Cat Recipe:

Recipe via




6 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. I love your blog its so creative!! I really like this post as well, especially the cookie dough fudge (can’t wait to try the recipe). I also like the conversion chart, I am certainly going to print that out and keep it on my fridge (I always have problems with converting measurements). Great job on the post!!

  2. I love your blog and enjoyed following it. I think that this last post was very fun and cute with all your favorites. I think that makes a blog more personal when you give your own opinions about what you like. As for the cookie dough fudge, I will definitely be trying that one out!

  3. OMG that fudge!!!!!!! I am most definitely making that this weekend when I go home for Easter! I am also a big fan of raw cookie dough so this will definitely be a treat that I will enjoy!

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