Jing Screencasting

Blog Screencasting…Click Me!

For this blog assignment we were introduced to the software application Jing. Using Jing you can create a customized screenshot picture or video of your computer screen and can share it with people through a link uploaded through the Jing website. I was extremely impressed with the usability of this software and luckily had no difficulties using it (unlike the other softwares used for our weekly assignments).

I created a Screencasted tour of one of my favorite blogs to follow…Lauren Conrad’s. It’s basically just your general girly blog with posts about fashion, makeup, decorating, etc. I gave my “tour” of her blog referencing the Dunn article we read for class about “interior design tips” to make your blog user friendly. I think Lauren follows all of these tips when creating her blog. She has a simple theme that’s easy on the eyes, has a header that describes her overall blog, her “front rooms” are explicitly labeled and take you exactly where you want to go, and her “garage” or “widgets” are plentiful and link to various parts of the blog.

I actually enjoyed using this Screencasting application and found myself talking for way longer than the suggested two minutes…oops. Hopefully it’s not TOO painful to watch or listen to for the whole time. Like I said, I really like the usability of this application and may use it for a variety of things when needed in the future. It may come in handy when needing to send a picture of a map for directions to a friend (like shown in the Jing video), or even if you need to make a tutorial video and send it to someone.


5 thoughts on “Jing Screencasting

  1. Hi! I really enjoyed your screencast. I also follow Lauren Conrad’s blog (not religiously, but I do check in every once and a while), so I was excited to see that it was the blog that you chose! I agree with you that it was difficult to keep the screencast under two minutes… I think mine went for four.. but yours didn’t seem to be too long! In my opinion, Lauren Conrad’s blog is a little confusing- for me, sometimes there is too much to look at, so you had a lot to go over.

    One thing I think you did exceptionally well is comparing how the blog was constructed to the article we read for class. You really made everything clear by explaining each part of the article and how it was represented in LC’s blog. Great job!

  2. Hey :] You did an excellent job with the screencast. It was a great idea to use the article that we had to read as an outline because I personally had trouble figuring out what I was going to say. I agree that Jing was user-friendly and creating the screencast was pretty straightforward.

  3. I liked your screencast but I’m not a big fan of the blog… It’s just my opinion but I’m not really a girly-girl (or, y’know, conscious of anything pop-culture) so I’d never even heard of Lauren Conrad before. I was kinda hoping you’d pick a food blog to screencast, but this is a good alternative because it is well-designed and does show the points that the article made. I liked how concise and clear you were, too. Good work!

  4. I really enjoyed watching your screencast. I love fashion/girly blogs and I think that this was a good choice. I agree that it was difficult to keep the screencast around 2 minutes, but I did not think yours was painful to watch at all!

  5. You did a good job with your screencast and hit on all the main points a blog should have as listed in the Dunn article. It was very easy to follow your voice as you were talking during your screencast. I enjoyed this your blog choice because I love Lauren Conrad. I am not a big blog person so I do not really religiously view any blogs but now that you have introduced me to hers I will definitely find time to stumble upon it every so often. I disagree with some of the other comments and think this was perfectly fine blog for you to showcase. Even though it isn’t mainly about food, it is a celebrity that you like and Lauren even blogs about some of her top food picks as you mentioned. Great job!

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