Blog Podcast

Blog Podcast

Hint: To listen to the podcast click the link and it will direct you to the google drive file and then click “download” and it’ll open in whatever your default music player is.

Hi everyone! So this week’s assignment for class was pretty much the toughest yet…to create a music file (podcast) commercial for our blog using GarageBand or some sort of music editor. This took an extreme amount of attention to detail and what not to attempt to make a perfect music file. Since I have absolutely no ear for music what so ever I found this to be extremely difficult. Using the program Garageband itself wasn’t tough, it’s pretty straight forward after watching tutorial videos for a little help. The actual editing and file creating however, was a whole level of difficult.

We were instructed to use two different songs that were to fade in and out and merge together using a technique called “crossfade.” This was probably the easiest part of the task (just simply adjusting the volume of each song to higher or lower depending on which one is fading out). The other part of the task was to record a voice file over the introduction song. The recording part wasn’t too hard. I figured I would start the intro with just pure music (no lyrics) and then once lyrics began I started to record my blog “commercial.” Once again, adjusting the background song volume was pretty straight forward so you can solely hear the voice recording over the low volume of the song.

The absolute most difficult part for me was “splicing” the first song. Like I said, I have no musical ear and it’s pretty hard for me to even count beats in music. I tried, but I’ll be the first to say that my splice is a pretty sloppy one. I tried to adjust the volume accordingly so the sloppy splice wasn’t SO noticeable. I guess this technique takes a little practice to get it just right.

Overall I think that my podcast is pretty decent for being a first time GarageBand user and by no means a professional music editor. I’m glad that we got to learn some of these editing techniques because you never know when you’ll need to make some sort of recording or podcast in the professional world or even just for fun. Hopefully with more practice I can get the hang of it.


6 thoughts on “Blog Podcast

  1. Hey! I like the songs that you chose for your podcast and I think you did a great job splicing. The only problem I heard was that when you were talking there was a constant tapping noise – I’m assuming that you didn’t unselect the metronome function under controls. So yea, for next time just remember to uncheck it so that all you hear is your voice. Other than that, great job!

  2. You picked really great songs! I thought the whole podcast was really great and professional, but I heard tapping that was in the background. You should check to see if the metronome was on. But other then that I thought it was a great podcast!

  3. Not to sound like I am repeating what the others said before me but you really did choose great songs for you podcast. The metronome in the background is a little annoying I guess, but it is not a big deal at all. You spoke very clearly and seemed like you knew how to mix the songs. Great job!

  4. Good choice in music, it really goes well with your topic. Very clear and a good introduction to your blog. The only thing needed to be changed I could think of was basically what everyone else said. Good work.

  5. I like the music and personally didn’t notice the tapping until I was looking for it. Not bad at all for a first-time podcast! I like your voice-layer too; it really gives us a lot of useful information and seems like a ‘real’ commercial. Nice work.

  6. You did a really great job, I loved your song choices… the only issue I had was the tapping noise in the back while you were talking but other than that everything was awesome, good job!

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