Photo Editing

Our task this week was to experiment with photo editing to create a unique image to use as our header for our blog. I obviously knew right away to choose pictures of mouth watering food (breakfast, lunch, and dinner). The assignment prompt was for us to choose two or more pictures to juxtapose/merge together using the photo editing platform Pixlr. I have never used Pixlr before, but figured that it couldn’t be too difficult to figure out (I was wrong). I have Photoshop installed on my laptop and am pretty familiar with how to use it, but I decided to stick with the class assignment and try out Pixlr. I had an idea in my head to fade the breakfast picture into the lunch picture into the dinner picture…not too complex. However, it took me at least 15 minutes to try and get the first picture to be the right size to fit my blog’s header. Attempting to correctly size up and add the next picture was another whole process. After this, I just became frustrated because I definitely over-estimated the simplicity of Pixlr. I then decided it was time to turn to the good, reliable Photoshop.

I’m almost positive that it took me a total of 8 minutes to complete my fully edited header in Photoshop…I should’ve just started out with using this. Maybe I wasn’t patient enough with Pixlr and didn’t give it all the effort that I could have, but I definitely like using Photoshop much better. I was able to make all of the pictures the same size, put them side by side, merge the layers, and add some unique filters onto it to make it “artsy.” From here on out, if any other assignments in this class, or in anything else in the future, involve photo editing I know what program I’m turning to first…good ol’ Photoshop.


4 thoughts on “Photo Editing

  1. I really like that you incorporated breakfast, lunch, and dinner into your header. I don’t know if you did this on purpose or not, but I like that the pictures are a little blurry making them look they’re drawings instead of pictures. It gives it a more “artsy” feel rather than just three pictures being next to each other. The only suggestion that I would do differently is to make the pictures the same size. The pancakes are a little bit bigger than the other two pictures and the sandwich isn’t directly in the middle which is kind of off-putting, but other than that I think it’s a great concept!

  2. This is a great header. As soon as the page loaded I said to myself “Here is a blog about food.” Which is presumably the idea you were trying to convey, so well done you. C: My nitpick is the same as the last person’s; I would love to see the pictures all the same size as it would really make the blog look professional. Maybe even using the “Polaroid” option on to make them look like individual snapshots or something…? Right now it does seem a bit unbalanced, but that thought only comes after “YUM!” so it’s not too big of an issue.

  3. Your header looks great! All of the pictures depict mouth-watering food and I really like how you blended them into each other. The only suggestion I have is that you make the final picture a bit smaller so that the meat doesn’t get cut off so harshly and you can see the entire plate. Also the middle picture could be a bit bigger so that it balances out with the other two. Other than that good job.

  4. Your header fits your blog PERFECTLY! I instantly became hungry upon seeing your header image, which is great for your blog because it will get readers enticed to read about the recipes you are blogging about! Great job with the editing. I really liked how you made the meals mesh into one another! The only thing I could possibly think about changing is making the middle image bigger so it balances with the other images! Other than that, good job!

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